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Most people have no clue what cancer is, but they’re afraid of it. They think it’s almost as scary as public speaking and almost surely have been impacted by this mysterious disease. According to cancer.gov, there will be a around 1,688,780 new cases of cancer in 2017 and over 600,000 deaths. This is have a huge impact on everyone, and we have to do something about it.

The first step is educating people on what cancer is, and hopefully removing the stigma and fear surrounding it. It’s not some mystery disease that just happens randomly. It’s not a death sentence either, and your chances of passing the 5-year survival mark are better now than they’ve ever been.

survival rate

What Exactly Is Cancer?

A cancer cell is a mutated cell that multiplies itself uncontrollably. We all have cells that mutate, but our body does a good job of repairing them. A cancer cell is something that our bodies have a harder time dealing with, which is why doctors often resort to radiation in an attempt to destroy the cells.

Now you know what cancer is, which is simply mutated cells dividing and multiplying uncontrollably. While explaining what cancer is may be a simple task, finding a solution has proven to be very difficult. It may be difficult, but nothing is impossible. Researchers are working around the clock on this, and making progress as you can see with the increased rate of survival.

Why You Should Care

This disease is something everyone should be interested in helping researchers find a cure, even if it means a miniscule yearly donation to a worth organization. Every little bit helps.

With the trend of cases going in the wrong direction, something has to change.