Some informative links that may interest you are:

American Cancer Society –
Full of information on different types of cancer, treatment options, statistics, and support services for patients, survivors and caregivers.

CancerHelpOnLine –

Dana Farber — The Family Connections –
This site brings together in one place a wealth of reliable information for parents with cancer and their families. The site provides guidance, information, and resources to help the parent and their families cope with the impact of a cancer diagnosis, There is also information for the many other people affected by a cancer diagnosis, including friends, relatives, neighbors, and co-workers.

Oncology Nursing Society Patient Education & Support –

Oncolink –
The Abramson Cancer Center of the University of Pennsylvania which is maintained by doctors and nurses on staff there and through which you can get information about specific types of cancer, news about research advances, and updates on cancer treatment and clinical trials.

The Gilda Radner Familial Ovarian Cancer Registry –
Located at Roswell Park Cancer Institute, Buffalo, NY the Gilda Radner Familial Ovarian Cancer Registry enrolls families that have 2+ family members who have ovarian cancer. They are researching to see what might be causing such instances of ovarian cancer in families and giving the families helpful information.

Ovarian Cancer National Alliance –

The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society –

Melanoma Foundation –
The Melanoma Foundation’s goal is to reduce the incidence of melanoma in New England while working to increase public awareness of sun-safe behavior, and establish support groups for melanoma patients and their friends and familes.

Mesothelioma Center –
A resource for asbestos issues from occupational exposure to mesothelioma symptoms, including information on top mesothelioma doctors as well as common mesothelioma causes. –
An online, independent resource for mesothelioma patients and their families. –
Up to date mesothelioma resources

Mesothelioma & Asbestos Awareness Center – –
An online resources about the different types of mesothelioma and their symptoms which can be dormant for decades.

International Myeloma Foundation –

National Cancer Institute –
Provides information on clinical trials, research programs and specific cancer type information for survivors and their loved ones.

National Alliance of Breast Cancer Organizations –
Presents information and education on breast cancer for men and women.

Breast Cancer –
Full of step by step information on diagnosis, treatment, options, and survivorship issues. Recommended by oncologists as a good online resource.

Dr Susan Love Research Foundation –
Provides comprehensive information about breast cancer, menopause, women’s health, and ductal lavage.

Susan B Komen Foundation –
Based on a promise to her sister 25 years ago, now the largest advocate for breast cancer research.

Breast Cancer Resource Guide for Massachusetts –
Free genetic testing for breast cancer.

Brain Tumor Society –
The Brain Tumor Society (BTS) is a national nonprofit that provides free informational materials and supportive services to brain tumor patients, survivors and their families.

Miles for Hope –
Miles for Hope is a 501 ( c ) 3 non-profit organization dedicated to raising awareness and funding for brain tumor research.

Colon Cancer Alliance –

Thyroid Cancer Survivors Association –

Prostate Cancer Foundation –

Massachusetts Health resources –
Health services across Massachusetts: Provide a quality, up-to-date resource for information about local health care services for more than 300 different types of health topics. We also provide a seamless link to MedlinePlus, the National Library of Medicine’s website for consumer health information.

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